About us

For 35 years, Baker Lake Contracting & Supplies Ltd (BLCS) has been setting the highest standard in Nunavut for the homes they build, and the goods and services they supply. 

Arctic living puts construction to the test, but bringing pride and excellence to building projects of any size has always been at the heart of BLCS. Those same values have guided each new step as the company expanded from renovations to construction, from contracting to project management, from procurement to retail sales, from property rentals to hospitality services. Today, BLCS is respected throughout Nunavut as a large-scale, multi-dimensional organization with its roots firmly planted in Baker Lake. BLCS offers its full range of services to individuals, businesses, institutions and government. After 35 years of enterprise and building relationships, we just keep getting better. 

If you need a contact in Nunavut, chances are good: BLCS is the only contact you need.